You are not alone in this postpartum journey and 
you CAN feel good about 
your body again.
Understand how...
the pelvic floor works and why it matters to your health.
 LEARN Why...
kegels are not enough to get you enjoying all your activities again!
Find out how...
humility now leads to rock star performance in the long run.
 Adrienne is a mom of 2: 11 weeks and 10 months old.
She’s an ironman athlete. After her C-Section, her biggest concerns were the painful scar and continuing to look 5 months pregnant. She reached out to Tracy 5 weeks postpartum searching for a solution to restore her body and get back to her previous very active life. She started on Tracy’s program 2/16/19 and has made huge gains in confidence, reconnection of muscles, and is incorporating what she has learned in the program to her daily life to allow her to be active
and engaged with her 2 kids under 1 year old.
Adrienne, Arizona
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