EmBRACE YOuR postpartum body!
How to Get Your Body, Life, and Emotions Back
Do You Feel Like I did?
I'm READY to get my BODY, my LIFE and my EMOTIONS back into shape to be the best mom, best partner, and best spouse possible!
Don't miss this opportunity!
I Have a confession to make...
I love being a mom but had no clue how difficult it would be to get my body and my life and my emotions back into shape to be the best mom, best partner, and best spouse.
"...Peeing my pants and... horribly painful Sex..."
I’m not ashamed to admit that there was a time where peeing my pants and having horribly painful sex was a regular occurrence after my childbirth.

In fact, while I wanted to have sex, I didn’t really want to have sex because it was so painful.
If you are experiencing the following, keep reading:
  • ​Leaking urine when you sneeze, cough, run, jump or lift
  •  Struggling with constipation
  •  Wearing a diaper after childbirth
  •  Fearing the embarrassment of public urination
  •  Advice from your doctor, “Do more Kegels!”
  •  Being asked when you were due after you had the baby
The good news is that the above problems can be temporary and completely resolved and reversed.
Have you ever searched Google trying to find the solution to any of the above problems… only to find that they are incomplete and just show you how to breathe or tell you to do kegels and don’t actually give you your real life functionality back to allow you to live your life, chase your kids and
embrace your new body

I’ve personally lived through the above problems and embrace my changed body and empowered it to find it’s new strength through movement,
lifestyle and mindset changes.

A little more about me, I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy with over 10 years experience in treating postpartum women, all orthopedic injuries, high levels athletes AND a postpartum mom and athlete who understands first hand
the struggles and needs of women.
I’ve helped over 6000 women to overcome these problems when even their own doctors and specialists couldn’t.
In fact, I’ve helped post-partum women complete Ultra Marathons without pain or urinary leaking.

I’m also Fellowship trained in Applied Functional Science which gives me the ability to understand the body on a deeper level and get to the source of symptoms, rather than just treating symptoms. It’s about understanding the connection of the body’s physical ability with the mind and spirit of individuals and knows that if one if not healthy, the other parts will take a toll.  And that is why I'm here...to empower women to understand and properly take care of their postpartum body, to know that you are not alone and to break this stigma that surrounds "postpartum-ness."

Get your Body, Life, emotions,
and Relationship back Now!
No more reasons from Doctors telling you to just accept!
By Not Doing Anything You:
  • ​Can’t wear pre-baby weight clothes because they don’t fit anymore (or ever again!)
  • ​Will not be able to resume to previous quality of life
  • ​Will not being good enough for partner
  • ​Continually get asked when you’re due
  • ​Can’t enjoy kids freely, without pain & fear
  • ​Continue to pee when you sneeze, laugh or jump
  • ​Experience body shame and lack of confidence
Take Action Today And:
  • ​Finally have control of your bladder and NEVER have to map out your bathroom routes AGAIN
  •  Get rid of that BABY POOCH!
  •  Enjoy PAINLESS sex without worry
  •  Safely recover and GO BACK to normal activities sooner
  •  Feel GREAT about your postpartum body
  •  IMPROVE your relationship with spouse/partner
  •  STRENGTHEN your core, REDUCE ab separation
Are you tired of looking like this? Or are you worried that your baby will be 7 and you’ll still be looking like this?
Getting Your Post-Baby Body Back Isn’t Just for Celebrities.
You can continue to do Kegels and resume normal activity and hope with time that it will heal and that you won’t do more damage. You can also choose to undergo surgical intervention to “fix” the prolapse AND even after surgery, you will need to address the underlying strength deficits to stay well and successfully resume to activity as well as allow the surgery to be worth it.


You can take action and work with me to safely return to normal activity and truly love and embrace your postpartum body with my 10 week Movement Warrior Program to properly address the underlying root of these issues.  
  • Address the basics of using your breath, abdominals and surrounding muscles to better activate the pelvic floor where there are so many muscles connected including the diaphragm. These muscles assist in working optimally and allowing the pelvic floor to reach its greatest potential. 
  • ​Perform a Breathing and Diastasis Check with step by step instructions so that you can visually see and feel your progress throughout the program. 
  • ​Reduce your C-Section scar to mobilize and desensitize it in order to maximize your progress.  
  • ​9 different stretches to relax and strengthen the muscles and reduce pelvic pain due to painful sex or pain/scarring from childbirth
  • ​Over 200 different exercises to safely prepare your postpartum body to fully integrate into your regular workout routine
  • ​Receive mind and spirit coaching, in order to make the necessary physical and emotional changes.
  • ​Be armed with nutrition, hydration, wellness, and mindfulness, strategies to optimize your health complete with How To downloadables (checklists for nutrition, grocery store lists, eat this, not that replacement lists, hydration tips, healthiest fruits/veggies to eat, superfoods checklist, supplements to support your whole body, etc.)
  • ​Complete access to a Membership site with new exercises and stretches added regularly, monthly webinars, and access to me for additional coaching.
100% Money back Guarantee

Tracy Hill knows what she is talking about.  I completed her 6-week program and have continued the exercises now for 8 weeks total.  In that short time I feel more confident when I do jump squats ( which I could not do before because of fear of you know what—peeing my pants).  I can jump rope too! I have also noticed my “dome” (belly) hangs less when I am holding a plank.

- Zoraida

I have seen Tracy 4 times out of necessity and a desire for a better body.  Each time Tracy has worked with me to find out exactly what the issue was and helped (and pushed) me to improve. It’s amazing how our bodies work and she is no doubt an expert in that. Tracy always helps explain WHY and she is encouraging which makes you want to continue on the journey and be your best self!

- Jacque
I thought I did it all right. I was a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I was immune to any consequences or hardships postpartum.

I exercised through both my pregnancies. I ran three half marathons pregnant with each of my pregnancies! I only threw up once. Seriously, how hard could this postpartum thing be?

And then labor and delivery with my first happened.

That is when it all fell apart and my world was flipped upside down. Having a baby is very confusing. You think you have a plan of how it is going to go, until it actually happens.

I wanted to avoid any drugs. I am strong, let me do it naturally. That was until the 6-minute contraction. I couldn’t take the pain any longer. And I actually thought I had to throw up. My husband informed me that I hadn’t eaten in close to 24 hours, so I had nothing to throw up. But I knew something was wrong. So I dry-heaved over the hospital bed, only for the nurse to be rushed in saying, “Get the doctor, the baby is here!”  

Yes, I dry-heaved my first baby out.  

In the process, he was coming and his heart rate was not looking healthy. As a result, they cut him out of me so fast I didn’t know what happened. They rushed him across the room, earnestly checking his vitals. I was in such a daze, but I looked up and said, “Hi, remember me? Can somebody tell me what I just had?”  

I laid there confused and unaware of the magnitude of what this caused my body. My baby was fine and quickly brought to my chest as I was stitched up from my grade 3 episiotomy. I knew grade 3 was bad, but it wasn’t a concern at the immediate moment.

I remember the pain. I lay there in the recovery room and literally pushed the call button for a nurse to bring me my baby to nurse because the thought of moving and lifting him sounded agonizing. The night immediately after my delivery, I remember a nurse coming to wake me and stand me up. The second I stood, I peed everywhere. I mean all over the floor, completely without control. It was the most mortifying moment of my life.

A woman’s life has been flipped upside down after childbirth. Her priorities are shifted. It’s a very confusing place to be. So, to empower a woman to understand the importance of taking care of her healing body that has been through a major change is so crucial to her becoming a better mom, wife and woman. She needs to understand her forever-changed body, but know how to embrace it for the gifts it has, and know she still has the power to return normally, if trained properly.   

There are some things that we just don’t like discussing. There are social stigmas tied to certain topics that we just don’t open up. Two of these include: peeing yourself as a grown adult, and the bad sex you had the night before.  

No one wants to admit either of these. As a result, so many women suffer in silence, thinking they are the only one. Yet more women than not are struggling with some sort of dysfunction postpartum.

No Questions Asked - 100% Money back Guarantee
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